Joystick applications

hole schaft angle sensor with square casing for easy assembly

Technical specifications

contact less optical sensor based on
a 3 channel encoder system

signal output
digital 5 Vdc - 3 channels
analog 100 kB ( 256 steps )
resolution down to 0.1 degree

other technical configurations on customer request.

hole shaft angle sensor

Joysticks use mechanical potentiometer, which are not too reliable. Joysticks are also implemented to control high capital investment equipment.

Failure induces down time costs due to none usage and forced maintenance. Depending on the location of the equipment cost induced can become very high.

One alternative is to use contactless magnetic sensors, which are expensive due to signal processing chips. Standard optical encoder as know in the machine industry are very expensive.

The dicod technology is the right alternative for that application.

miniature hole shaft angle sensor


   The dicod technology is a novel typ of optical encoder, very well suited for joysticks applications where reliability and cost are of a major concern.